about.jpgA Long Tradition of Quality

Dr. Yu Hak (Haggie) Hahn - Founder

is a global leader in the field of precision optical coatings. Spectral Optics is his latest venture, representing a new source of high quality optical coatings and coated optics, and new innovations in high energy components.

In 1972 Dr. Hahn founded a company which became the global leader in the optical coatings industry. After the sale of this concern in 2002, Dr. Hahn continued with its instruments group, which became Spectral Products, LLC. A leader in both scanning and CCD-based spectroscopic systems, Spectral Products will now supply the metrology base for ensuring the quality and accuracy of Spectral Optics products.

In addition to a full line of standard coated optical components and custom coating services, Spectral Optics has introduced a series of new product families having features and capabilities not yet seen in our industry, based on its proprietary Molecular Fusion™ technology.

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