Polarizing Cube Beamsplitter Beam Splitter - Cube type

Spectral Optics provide various regular cube beamsplitters and polarizing cube beamsplitters that are deployed in extremely varied ways in optical systems, from beam sampling to color and polarization control. Cube beamsplitters split the input light into two 90˚ beams so they make it easy to optical alignment.

Spectral Optics stocks right angle prisms in common sizes in both BK7 and Fused Silica. Fabrication of beam splitters can be done using either optical cements or standard optical contacting techniques. Along with these conventional contacting techniques, Spectral Optics has introduced its new line of optically contacted high-power and high-energy components using Molecular Fusion™ .

Spectral Optics' unique Truesplit makes it possible to achieve non-polarizing beam splitting for high power lasers. Spectral Optics' new and innovatively designed VBSA allows beam splitting for continuous adjustment of R/T ratio for extremely wide range as well as withstanding the high damage threshold.

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