Window figures


  • Substrate Material: UV fused silica, BK7
  • Clear Aperture: larger than central 85% of diameter
  • Surface Quality: 10-5 Scratch-Dig
  • Surface Flatness: λ/10 @633nm over clear aperture
  • Diameter tolerance: +0.000/-0.010" (+0.00/-0.25mm)
  • Thickness tolerance: ±0.010" (±0.25mm)
  • Bevel: <0.5mm @45° typical
  • Wedge: ≤5 arc min, ≤10 arc sec, 30±5 arc min
  Spectral Optics provides high precision laser-quality regular plane (≤5 arc min), extremely parallel plane (≤10 arc sec), and wedged (30±5 arc min) windows fabricated from UV fused silica or BK7.  These windows are polished on both sides with high flatness and high surface quality to handle high power laser applications as well as various industrial applications.

  They can be used as laser windows with a proper anti-reflection coating and can become various coated products, such as, plate beam splitters, dichroic filters, and partial reflectors.

Transmittance (%) data of BK7 & UVFS


  1. Usually 0.5-2.0" diameter substrates are in stock. Please check up the delivery for the larger substrates with us. It usually takes ~3-5 weeks if we don't have any in stock.
  2. Some other sizes and/or thicknesses may be available. Please contact us for other custom size windows.
  3. Spectral Optics provides anti-reflection coating services on these windows. Please refer to our coating services, V-coating and Broadband anti-reflection coating for the details. The price of the anti-reflection coating is $45.00 per each surface for our standard substrate sizes and wavelengths.
  4. A custom substrate will need the fixture machining charge (~$200-300). The coating lot charge (~$400 per each lot) will be applied for a special wavelength.
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